All Day (09:00-23.30) Evening (18:00-23.30) Hourly
Rate for local residents


£150 from Jan ’24


£60 from Jan ’24


£13 from Jan ’24

Rate for non-residents


£180 from Jan ’24


£80 from Jan ’24


£15 from Jan ’24


Summary of conditions
  • All charges are inclusive of heating and lighting.
  • Hirers are responsible for disposal of their waste. Bins are not available.
  • Deposits are not normally required but we reserve the right to ask for one for large or multi-day events.
  • Rates can be negotiated for regular hire of the hall.
  • The car park can be hired at a nominal rate for non-hall functions only when the hall is not on hire and with agreement from the hall committee.
  • For children’s parties we request that the hirer supply disposable cups, plates and cutlery. All children’s parties must be supervised by responsible adults at all times.

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