As a result of a risk assessment performed on the hall, the following changes to the hiring terms and conditions are being put in place

1: No one is to enter the hall with Covid-19 symptom’s or awaiting a test result.

2: Entry to the main hall will be via the front porch and exit will be via the fire door on the north side (towards the green) of the building. Entry and exit signs will be in place.

3: The kitchen door will be for initial key entry to the building only and will be marked “no entry key holders only” and kept locked.

4: All of these items will need to be sanitised before and after use: Car park gate and padlock: Chairs: Door handles – External and internal; Electric light switches; Electric light sockets; Fire-door bars; Kettle; Tables; Taps- Basin and Sink; Tea Urn: Toilet cistern handle and seat, door handles and locks; Window latches and Blind pulls.

5: All users must adhere to HM Government social distancing at all times. Village hall distancing requirements will be displayed in the hall as directed by HMG.

6: Track and Trace QR codes will be displayed in the hall and ALL hall users MUST check in to the hall via the NHS Track and Trace mobile application.

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